Group Business

Professional 3D Printer Brand

Building the most competitive 3D printing brand with leading-edge equipment

SoonSer's business core is providing professional SLA 3D printing solutions to the industrial market, while also offering 3D printing equipment support for sectors such as healthcare and education.


Business Profile

With a strong research and development capability and years of deep cultivation in the digital industrial market, SoonSer has gained significant influence in the field of 3D printing applications in the manufacturing industry. Through advanced technologic

Mars Pro series industrial 3d printers

SLA industrial 3d printers, with advantages such as high printing accuracy and large printing area, meet the R&D and mold-making needs of the manufacturing industry, helping traditional enterprises in their production transformation.


Smart X series industrial 3d printers

Entry-level high-precision industrial 3D printers, with one-click printing, usher in the era of intelligence.


Multiple manufacturing industry application solutions

Meets various application needs such as product development validation, tooling fixtures, shoe molds, casting, etc.


Building competitive 3D printing brand with leading equipment