Group Business

Expert in vertical dimensions of dentistry

Renowned digital dental 3D printer supplier in America

SprintRay is a well-known supplier of digital dental 3D printers in America, committed to expanding clinical applications and transforming the mode of dentistry through 3D printing.It is a professional provider of digital dental one-stop service for practices and hospitals.


Business profile

SprintRay provides digital dental one-stop services to practices and hospitals, including 3D printers, dental printing materials, operational software and cloud platform.

3D printers

The SprintRay 3D printer family comprises Proseries dental 3D printer, Pro Wash/Dry integrated wash-and-dry machine and Pro Cure curing light box.


Cloud platform

It enables remote communication with experts and inquiry of clinical dental design cases from professional dental designers.


Dental printing materials

Providing multiple biocompatible resin materials for dental applications.


Operational software

Professional dentistry 3D printing operational software which is user-friendly and meets dentists’ demands.


Partnering with SprintRay makes boundary-breaking in dentistry easier than ever.